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Individual lessons with Tim Soar
in Aalborg
Tim will not be visiting Denmark until after the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

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The Alexander Technique explores the skilful use of the self: how we move, how we breathe, how we use our senses, how we stay still, how we balance, how we react - whether we waste our energy in muscular tension and stressful reaction, or whether there is an easier way.

The Alexander Technique combines a subtle and complete approach to body awareness, and the understanding of posture, breathing and movement, with a practical philosophy which works towards the calm choice of reaction, alertness to the present moment, and an emphasis on process rather than end result.

By learning to untangle ourselves from ourselves, pain, stiffness and feelings of stress are reduced, we free ourselves to perform at our best, and our balance - both physical equilibrium and psychological equanimity - is improved.

The most direct way to experience the effects of the Alexander Technique is through hands-on work with an Alexander teacher. We work specifically with teachers who possess an extraordinary quality of touch which acts as a gentle and powerful catalyst for the natural coordination of movement, distribution of muscle tone, and full breathing, and which melts away unhelpful tension.